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Details on Argentine ants

Argentine ants are the most common ant here in the Bay Area though carpenter ants and odorous house ants are found more rarely as well. In 1915 Argentine ants were discovered and codified in New Orleans and since then they have proliferated all over the south-west. Argentine ants are VERY aggressive to other species of ants but not against other colonies of Argentine Ants - driving out competing species, even fire ants in some areas. One theory is that their non-aggressiveness towards other Argentine ants is a natural survival trait; another is that the gene pool for Argentine ants in North America is so small that they can't recognize the difference, essentially making one "super Colony" in all of California and the south-west. Another factor is that the Argentine ant is a "multi queen" species. In a colony of up to 200,000, there may be as many as 50 queens capable of producing 30-50 eggs each per day under ideal conditions. A typical house lot will support 4-5 colonies perhaps broken into many more "Satellite" colonies. The combination of all these factors make Argentine ants some of the more difficult to eliminate.

Elimination of as many colonies as possible will greatly lengthen the time before they can rebuild enough to become a problem in your home again.



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